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“If You Have a Product or Business Concept In Mind,We Make It Happen

Stephen J Dodds

CEO, Stephen J. Dodds created Pro Cure Synergy Solutions in 2009. His vision being to bring together businesses and individuals on a global scale who share synergistic commonalities. Headquartered in Toronto Canada with offices in Orange County, CA USA and Xiamen China, PCSS specializes in all aspects of brand development, inclusive of creative, design, sourcing, manufacturing, logistics, marketing and sales.

Far from a ME TOO company PCSS doesn’t fall within the confines of a typical brokerage or a run of the mill consultant agency. Both more often than not staffed with glorified retirees whereby the client gets little more than an expensive middle man, paying large hourly fees based on billable hours, not results.

Operating as a HANDS ON PARTNER and always striving to EXCEED CUSTOMER SATISFACTION, all PCSS fees and charges are task specific and performance related thus allowing the results to justify the value of services provided.

Simply stated, OUR COMMITMENT IS TOTAL in all that we do.


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