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A plusRESULTS 101

As I stated from the get go, while efforts are appreciated and expected of any consultant, in the end it’s the results that count. We aim to please but we strive to astonish in all that we do. Here are just a few examples of the kind words our customers have expressed. If given the chance you too will be equally astonished.


"Steve Dodds is the real deal … we asked and just as promised, Steve delivered all and then some."

Jen Toro, Principal
JTF Fitness


"We can’t thank Steve and his team at Pro Cure enough. We love our website."

Ben Tibollo
Vice President
Airlink Distribution


"Steve Dodds is a uniquely talented individual with a passion for bringing business dreams to life. The contribution he has made to help launch REbuildUSA alone will benefit millions of American homeowners, help stabilize home values, improve neighborhoods and generate much needed income for the real estate, mortgage and construction industries.

Mr. Dodds has an impressive track record leveraging his talents and experience to orchestrate success for other businesses here in the U.S. and beyond as well. What's more impressive is the fact that many of these accomplishments have occurred in the worst economy since the Great Depression. For us here at REbuildUSA, Mr. Dodds vision is nothing short of extraordinary, and we are forever grateful for his help, his commitment, and his friendship"

Dennis Walsh


"Before Steve created Pro Cure we had worked together for many years, always with great success. Once I heard that Steve ended his retirement I jumped at the opportunity to engage his services and not at all surprising we haven’t looked back. In fact, we now consider Steve as part of Feibing as he has led by positive example time and again."

Clayton Chase
Chief Operating Officer
Feibing Company


"I continue to be impressed with the endless resources that Steve and Pro Cure pull out of their hat. In these tough economic times we like most other companies looked for ways to reduce costs and maximize profits. Steve not only helped us achieve these goals in spades, he was the catalyst in having us create an entirely new division which has not only been a huge addition to our core business it has had a super positive influence on our existing customer while attracting new customers to boot."

Eric Neuner


"Plain and simple No Mess would not exist today had it not been for the trust that Steve Dodds bestowed upon me. Steve not only helped me with desperately needed start up capitol he was instrumental in leading me through the mine field of launching a national brand. In short, Steve and Pro Cure helped me to make my visions and dreams come true. My family and I are forever grateful for everything Steve has done for us and with us. Steve is the consummate professional in every sense of the word"

Shane Erwin
No Mess USA


"Simply the best ... better then all the rest. What else need I say ... I’m astonished, just as promised."

Michael Tamburro
Co Founder
Freedom Tackle Corp.


"Dodds is a remarkably impassionate and talented wordsmith who seems in no way pretentious. He removes himself completely from his work leaving the reader infused with the untainted “witnessing” that Dodds seems to possess. His book is highly original and highly recommended. Dodds is a genuine talent."

Rodney Charles
Editor in Chief and acclaimed author
1st World Publishing


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