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officeIn today’s marketplace, the age old adage “The World is Your Oyster” is bang on point. We view the world as a giant “shopping cart” and we believe that China is to manufacturing what Wal-Mart is to retail … a global giant with endless opportunities, vastly improved quality and when managed correctly incredibly reliable services.

Of course, China is also a very long way from North America and conducting business in China, or any other foreign country for the matter is filled with land mines, one way streets and many bumps in the road. To properly do business in China you must have roots in China … PERIOD.

That’s why we created Pro Cure China – a division of Pro Cure Synergy Solutions. Located in Xiamen, China PCC handles all “Asia Pacific” related business (buy and sell) for our customers and our venture partners. With PCC we are “hands on” with all aspects of trade – manufacturing, QC, Consolidation, Warehousing, Logistics, Legal and Freight.

While China is a great place to shop, China is also a great place to sell foreign name branded product of all kinds. And, as China grows so does its middle and upper classes, all with an insatiable thirst for foreign made goods.

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Our Team

Daisy Lv– General Manager
Morton Lyn
– Director, Operations
Ruby Lu– Executive Assistant
Gary Zou
– Senior Sourcing Representative
Caylin Lin – Sourcing Representative


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